The fastest way to become an expert programmer.

Codesonic won't teach you how to program. Codesonic will turn you into a faster, smarter, more knowledgeable programmer. It drills you on the syntax, classes and methods of your favorite languages and frameworks so you remember them forever.

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  1. How it works

    Answer short questions about your favorite programming language. We then magically re-order the questions to get you to work on aspects of the language you don't know, rather than the aspects you do.

  2. It works - Science says so

    Learning in this way is proven to let you keep more knowledge in your brain for longer. It's called Spaced Repetition ( Wikipedia ) and was invented by clever people who proved that it really works.

  3. Who is it for?

    Codesonic won't teach you to program. It will however drill the important syntax and nuance of programming languages into your brain so you become more productive, knowledgeable and just plain expert.